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Excise Registration

Central Excise is a duty on the manufacture or production of all excisable goods in India. Excisable goods refer to movable and marketable goods which are listed in the Schedules to the Central Excise Tariff Act. Every person who manufactures or deals in excisable goods is required to obtain Central Excise Registration as per Rule 9 of the Central Excise Rules, 2002. The following categories of persons require registration: Every manufacturer of dutiable excisable goods, First and second stage dealers desiring to issue convertible invoices, Persons holding warehouses for storing non duty paid goods, Persons who obtain excisable goods for availing end use based exemption, Exporter – manufacturer under rebate/bond procedure, Export Oriented Units which have interaction with the domestic economy either through DTA sales or procurement of duty free inputs.


Simple, transparent and progressive

Reduction in the effective tax rate for many goods

Elimination of “tax on tax” existing

Business friendly system of taxation

Simplification of tax forms and procedures.

Greater reliance on self-assessment and voluntary compliance by dealers.

Documents Required

PAN card copy of the company/firm.

Ground plan of factory

(which should also provide description of boundaries of premises to be registered).

Cancelled Cheque of Bank Account.

General power of attorney

(in case application is signed by authorized agent)

Residence proof of directors/partners.

Copy of Any other registration if taken.

PAN card copy of authorized signatory.

List of directors/partners.

Memorandum and Articles of Association/Partnership deed.

PAN card copy of directors/partners other than signatories.

Registration Certificate under any other laws

(if any)

Address proofs of the factory premises

  • Copy of purchase agreement along with electricity bill, water bill etc., if factory is owned.
  • Copy of Leave and license agreement along with electricity bill, water bill etc., if factory is taken on lease.
  • ‘No objection certificate’ from the licencor and last paid rent receipt may also be required.
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