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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration confers upon its owner sole rights while protecting the same from being getting copy, maltreat or misuse from any of the third party. Copyright is one of the powerful tools that givesowner sole rights to copy or reproduce the work or grant permission to another to do so and also shield the creative artistic work at the domestic and international level.This applies to books, computer software, movie, design, graphic, and architecture work, painting work, literacy, musical art and many more. Business entities often copyright instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. Copyrights are also transferrable. Copyright registration is carried under the section 14 of the Copyright Act 1957. It grants the set of rights & powers to the copyright owner like right of adaptation, rights of translation, rights to communication and rights of publication. Under copyright; owner can enjoy the fully rights and powers in respect of unique innovative artistic work.


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Intellectual property is an asset which can be sold

Security of monetary gains associated

with work created by you

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Legal Safety

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Right to stop misuse of the work

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Right to make copies of the work

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Prevent unauthorized Copying

Documents Required

Full Name, Address and Nationality of Applicant & that of the author “the year & country of first publication of the work”.

In case of labels, which can be used as trademark, firstly clear copyright search certificate has to be received from the trademark registry.

List of countries where the work has been published and the year of publication the year & the country of last publication.

Six copies of the work Power of Attorney.

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