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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a managerial function that enables business to procure inventory and discharge finished goods in such a way that there is no stock out cost and minimum stock holding cost. Whether business is big or small every business strategic management operation and scheme of optimum utilization of funds so that minimum funds are locked in stock and turnover is maximum. We assist you to draw framework for supply chain management system in a scientific way that is best to follow and universally acceptable. We offer a customized, flexible and error free solutions for supply chain and inventory management. Vincyte helps clients in managing their inventory, suggest measures for cost control, eliminating wastage, compliance of statutory requirements and implementing various controls to get recovery over operational and financial risk. Vincyte Supply chain strategy helps clients to focus on their core competencies which results in lower costs, reduce response times, higher the productivity and driving operational excellence.

Review Product flow i.e. logistics and distribution

Planning and strategy

Preparing operational and manufacturing strategy

Seeking product development and its safety

Improvement in process of Picking, Packaging, invoicing and dispatching

Documentation management including In-out gate registers, Gate pass, Stock movement, invoicing and dispatching

Periodic review of Onsite inventory

Minimizing Process Gaps

Economical handling and storage

Inventory verification and reconciliation

Seeking Economic Order Quantity

Optimized Inventory Level