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Foreign LLP

  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (FLLP) to file with Registrar, within thirty days of establishment of place of business in India, particulars of FLLP in Form No. 27 along with the copy of certificate of incorporation, full address of FLLP, full address of FLLP in India and list of partners and designated partners, certified as true copy by the designated persons or authorities.

  • Any alteration in instrument of constitution of FLLP, Registrar or principal office of LLP outside India or partner or designated partner must be informed to Registrar within sixty days of close of financial year in Form No 28. 
    Similarly, alteration in incorporation document, name or address of persons authorised to accept service on behalf of FLLP or principal place of business India should be informed to the Registrar within thirty days of such alteration in Form No 29. 

  • FLLP is required to file statement of account and solvency within period of thirty days from expiry of six months from the close of financial year in Form No 8.1, in English language or if it is not so, a certified English translation thereof.

  • FLLP shall mention its name and country of incorporation in English on all its invoices, official correspondence and publications. 

  • Documents may be served on LLP by leaving at or sending by post at FLLP’s established place of business in India in case FLLP has not advised name of authorised persons to Registrar or such person is dead or such person refuses to accept or ceases to reside at the known address or for any other reasons such service cannot be done. 

  • If an FLLP wishes to close place of business in India, give notice of cessation to have place of business within thirty days of its intention to close the place of business and from such date, its obligation to file documents shall cease, provided it does not have any other place of business in India and it has filed all the due documents. 

  • Registrar shall on registration of Form No 27 issue a certificate for establishment of place of business in India by FLLP in Form No 30. 

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