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Conversion of LLP into Company

Registration of LLP is on rise in India due to various Factors. Most of the Entrepreneurs opt for LLP Registration is small businesses that do not foresee any requirement for raising equity funds. However, some of these small businesses may to some point have a requirement to convert to a private limited company due to various reasons.

Procedure to be followed for Conversion of LLP Into Company 

Before filing application for conversion, ensure the followings: 

There shall be seven or more members in the existing LLP for converting the LLP in to a Company.

That secured creditors have given their consent for such conversion;

A notice in newspaper about such conversion, one in English and in vernacular language seeking objections must be published;

A general meeting must be held where majority of partners have given their consent for such conversion.

DIN & Digital Signature Certificate Docum.

Documents Required





Certificate of Incorporation

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