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Trade License

Trade License is a license issued by the municipal corporation which gives Entity a permission to carry on the particular trade or business for which one has requested. Vincyte helps you to save time and efforts from all the peculiarities to carry out and we make sure everything that’s being done is just right to fit your requirements, in real time.

Documents Required

Documentary proof of legal occupancy of the unit

Deed of Partnership/ Memorandum & Articles of Association

Affidavit for Rs.10/-

Site plan

Documentary proof regarding non-existence of unauthorized construction at the unit on or before 30.6.1977 (NOC)

Proof of Residence of The Prop./Partners/Directors/Karta of HUF

(a)Election ID Card (b)Passport. (c)Driving License (d)Ration Card (e)Current Electricity Bill (f)Current Telephone bill (BSNL-Landline) (g) Aadhar Card.

NOC from land-owning agency

Documentary proof of existence of firefighting equipment at the unit (NOC)

Indemnity Bond for Rs.100/-

Key Plan

Documentary proof of establishment of trade w.e.f. the date

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