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Maintenance of Statutory Records

  • Every listed company or a company having not less than one thousand shareholders, debenture holders, and other security holders, shall maintain its records, as required to be maintained under the Act or rules made thereunder, in electronic form.
  • Records” means any register, index, agreement, memorandum, minutes or any other document required by the Act or the rules made thereunder to be kept by a company.

The person responsible for maintenance and security of electronic records:

  • The Managing Director
  • Company Secretary
  • Any other director or officer of the company as the Board may decide

The Vincyte has experts who help in maintenance and security of electronic records in an efficient way so as to save the company from a penalty.

List of Statutory records

Preparation of Director Report u/s 134

Minutes of Board Meetings

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Notice and Resolution of Board Meetings

Notice and Resolution of AGM/ EGM

Maintenance of Registers

Register of Members

Register of Debenture Holders/ Other Securities Holders

Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel and Their Shareholding

Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificate

Register of Sweat Equity Shares

Register of Employee Stock Option

Register of Shares/Other Securities Bought Back

Register of Loans, Guarantee, Security and Acquisition made By Company

Register of Contracts with Related Party and Bodies etc.

Register of Investment not held in its own name by the Company

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