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Patent Registration

The patent is the act, which grants to the inventor, the right of exploiting its object exclusively, during a determined period of time. It is the tool through which the development of new technologies is stimulated once it insures the inventor’s and the investor’s exploitation rights. Patent Registration confers upon its owner sole rights while protecting the same from being getting copy, maltreat or misuse from any of the third party. Patent is one of the powerful tools that gives owner sole rights to work or grant permission to another to do so.This applies to drawings, diagrams, sketches explaining work relating to invention with visual illustration. Business entities often patent for their Process which is unique and new invention. Patent registration is carried under the Patent Act 1970. Under Patent ¬†owner can enjoy the fully rights and powers in respect of unique invention.


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It can be licensed to others in consideration for royalty payments

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Owners have complete monopoly and competitive advantage

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Competition benefit

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Legal Protection

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20 years Validity available

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Owners have right to block others from making using selling or offering to sale and Importing the patented invention

Documents Required

An application in the prescribed form in triplicate

Proof of right to make the application in case the application is made by virtue of an assignment of the right to apply for the patent.

A declaration as to inventor ship of the invention in the prescribed form may either be filed along with the complete specification or within 3 months thereafter obtaining necessary extension of time, in case the application was accompanied by a provisional specification in the first instance or in the case of Convention application.

A duly signed Appointment of Patent Agent on the prescribed form with the name and designation of the signatory typed underneath the signature.

All documents and copies of documents, except drawings must be sent in large and legible with deep indelible ink with lines widely spaced upon one side only of strong white paper of a size of approximately 33 x 20.50 (centimeters).

Drawing, photograph or prototype necessary to the comprehension and preparation of the application specification and technical drawings; Power of attorney; and Assignment document from the inventor in the case when the applicant is a corporate entity.

A provisional specification or a complete specification along with drawings, if any, in triplicate. In case of a convention application it is necessary to file a complete specification along with the application.

A statement and a undertaking regarding foreign application in the prescribed form in case the application is made by persons other than resident in India and not being an assignee or legal representative of a person resident outside India.

In the case of convention application, certified copies of the specification or the corresponding document filed by the applicant in the patent office of the convention country may either be filed along with the application or within 3 months thereafter or within such further period as the controller may on good cause allow.

Description of the invention/innovation.

Drawings if any executed on 33 x 20.50 (centimeters) with a clear margin or 1.50 cm width all round on Tracing Cloth or transparent or semi-transparent sheet of film made of plastics or fiber glass.

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