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ESI Returns

The Scheme has been extended to shops, hotels, and restaurants, cinemas including preview theatres, road-motor transport undertakings and newspaper establishments employing 20 or more person. This Scheme is alo applicable to non-seasonal factories employing 10 or more person.

ESI scheme is applicable to all the states except Manipur, Sikkim, Aunachal Pradesh and Mizoram.

E.S.I.C is also Statutory Deduction from employee whose GROSS salary is less than or equal to Rs. 15,000/-. If company has below 20 employees in E.S.I.C Purview Company is not liable to pay E.S.I.C.

E.S.I.C is calculated on Gross Salary of Employee @ 1.75% as Employee contribution and 4.75% of Employer Contribution there by totalling to 6.5% of Gross Salary.


Due Dates

The Company needs to file Half Yearly Returns for the period:

1st April to 30 September and

1st October to 31st March

There is no monthly Returns for ESIC. Employer must pay the ESIC amounts every month on 15th (with grace by 25th).

In case any employees cross the limit of Rs. 7500/- of Gross Salary, he must continue to pay till the end of half year.

E.S.I.C half Yearly Returns submission / due dates are; November 15th and May 15.


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