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Special Valuation Branch (SVB) Consulting

Special Valuation Branch is a Branch of the Custom House, specializing in investigating the transactions involving relationship between the supplier and the importer and certain other special features like Technical Collaboration between the parties, etc. Special Valuation Branch examines the influence of relationship on the invoice value of the imported goods in respect of transactions between related parties. In respect of Technical Collaboration Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements, the terms and conditions of these agreements are examined to arrive at the conclusion, whether the existence of such agreement has influenced the invoice value of the imports.

Vincyte can assist you in the following for getting SVB Order/Renewal of SVB Order

Appearance in personal hearing before customs authorities

Determining appropriate Rule of the Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Imported Goods) Rules, 2007

Assistance in registration of case with customs authorities and provisional assessment of the imports

Drafting Support in preparation of documents required

Identifying the appropriate method to be used for determination of assessable value of the subject goods

Annual Submission to SVB Branch

Closure of PD Bonds with custom department

EDD refund consultancy

Assistance in preparation of reply to Questionnaire and necessary documentations and written submission

Scrutiny and analysis of documents for registration of case and giving opinion whether registration is required or not

Drafting and submission of reply to SVB questionnaire and other documents

Study of method of invoicing, possible effect of relationship on the invoice values

Obtaining SBV final order from custom department

Guidance related to Record maintenance

Assessment of Provisional Bill of Entry and Finalize it

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