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Transfer Pricing Advisory

Transfer pricing regulations in India have emerged as one of the most important and critical areas of tax policy and administration. Vincyte has a team of professionals which provides comprehensive solutions tailored to client’s business objectives after understanding the exact nature and the extent of the international transactions undertaken by the Company. Our team that is competent to assist the clients in the following areas of Transfer Pricing:

Transfer Pricing Documentation Services.

Preparation of comprehensive Transfer Pricing study, which includes:

  • A fact-finding exercise, where an analysis is conducted of the functions performed and risks assumed by each entity.
  • Evaluation of prescribed Transfer Pricing Methods and selection of the most appropriate Transfer Pricing Method and identification of the tested party or parties.
  • Undertaking a search for comparable companies /comparable transactions using domestic/ global databases and conducting economic and financial analyses on the selected comparable.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive Transfer Pricing Documentation incorporating the above steps.
  • Arranging issuance of the Accountant’s Report in Form 3CEB as required under Indian Income-Tax Act, 1961.

Domestic Tax Advisory Service.

Planning , Compliances, Assessment and Appeal for various client.

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